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There are many procedures to accentuate the beauty and get the best results in skin care and hair care. A very interesting and non-invasive procedure that is trending nowadays in the skincare industry is the micro-needling pen. Micro-needling pens have tiny needles it is also called derma rolling procedure, this process is also called collagen induction therapy. The device looks just like a pen and it has small needles that are very small and it pricks the skin. Use the illumapen coupon code for discounts.
It does not pose skin damage because of its minimum skin invasion. It is helps to boost collagen production in the skin, tightens the skin and gives a more firm appearance to the skin. It is one of the safest procedures that anybody can have because it does not have any kind of injection in the skin. As cosmetic procedures have advanced in technology this is one of the best advancements is what we feel. Get more benefits using the illumapen coupon code?

The cosmetic procedure includes puncturing the skin it makes a very small and tiny amount of pokes into the skin which makes the skin reactivate. The process is structured in a manner that the needles act in order to boost the collagen. Higher collagen production means youthful skin. Processes are done with expert supervision at the salon and at the same time there are many products and machines that are handy and can be used in the comfort of the home. It takes several sessions to find results through these processes in the salons. At a salon it might cost anywhere from 200 to $800 which is very expensive therefore there are many Derma pens that are running in the market. You can get them online from any stores these Derma pens are also suggested by aestheticians and professionals. Find ways to get smooth and youthful skin get discounts against illumapen discount code.
They come with cartridges, Nano pins and are useful for dull, aging skin with wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. You can choose from 12 pins to 36 Nano pins.
How does micro-needling pen work?
It treats the deep wrinkles and fine lines, it reduces the large and open pores and works on acne and scars. It treats damaged skin and sunburns, treats age-related spots and dullness, evens out skin tone and works on hyper pigmentation as well.

Builds skin cell, skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. With the latest technology the products come with LED screen speed display, cartridges, they are highly safe and hygienic. These pens can be used with or without cords. It is a very great adds on in the beauty regimen. They are sturdy and stylish and the RPM ranges from 2000 to 16000 for many products. Normally the batteries last for four hours for the products; they come with pin length between 0.25mm to 2.5 mm. They offer an immediate facelift with tiny strokes with the pin they can treat sagging thin lips. Bring anti-aging products home at huge discounts with illumapen coupons code.